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“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation”– Aristotle

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Starbridge Partners LLC is one of the only executive search firms that is totally focused on Data Science Search.  

We’ve been operating exclusively in this space for over 4 years and bring in-depth knowledge and perspective to the challenges of identifying and recruiting talent that matches each client’s unique culture. Our database of candidates who know and trust us is unmatched by other recruiting firms and we’ve provided recruiting services to data-centric companies across many sectors helping build their data science teams:

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Headquartered in New Jersey, Starbridge Partners works with companies in several key industries: Digital Media & Advertising, eCommerce, Social Media, Education, Financial Service and Healthcare.  We tend to focus our recruiting on major cities, especially New York City.

As we all know, the talent required to harness the value of “big data” is in very high demand. It will often call for creative search solutions and unique, iterative team structures to get the job done and business goals met. We’ve done our homework, and are well-positioned to provide exceptional service.

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George Gemelos , SVP, Data Science at Tapad 

Ted (O’Brien) is an excellent recruiter and first suggested Tapad to me. He demonstrated a desire to better understand what I was looking for and offered useful guidance throughout the entire process. Combined with the selectivity and confidence with which he presented opportunities made him a pleasure to work with.

Bennett Bullock , Data Scientist and Software Developer at Bloomberg

Before meeting Ted, I had worked with a couple of recruiters, and my experiences have been diverse, to put it generously. But Ted is truly an excellent recruiter, by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with.  He is extremely knowledgeable about data mining and NLP, and he took the time to really understand what my CV was about, going as far as to ask me about the details of my individual projects. He knew which companies would be the best matches, and which companies wouldn’t.

Moreover, I think the mark of a good recruiter is who they know inside organizations – many recruiters only interface with HR. He seemed to always be on the phone with people inside the companies, even going as far as attending a conference to put my name and resume out there. He set me up with a terrific job in NYC which. I cannot recommend Ted highly enough – he will work hard for you, and get you into the best opportunities.

Mikhail Lisovich , Data Scientist at iHeartRadio

Ted is an excellent recruiter, and it was a pleasure working with him. He invested the time to get to know me in-person, understand my strengths, and discuss best ways to position me as a candidate in front of potential employers. He was quick in matching me up with data science companies/positions that were a good mutual fit. I would absolutely work with Ted again, and would recommend Ted  to all candidates and hiring managers in the field of data science & analytics.

Stefano Vegnaduzzo , Senior Director, Data Science at Integral Ad Science

Ted is outstanding at what he does. In my case, he is the first and only recruiter through which I actually got a new job. He is different from most other recruiters in the level of professionalism with which he supported me from beginning to end (and beyond). Based on an initial conversation to understand my interests, he proposed a few very good opportunities, and suggested a couple to start from. He followed up constantly at every step of the process with the company I eventually got the job with, helping with communication even after I accepted the offer, always making sure everything proceeded as smoothly as possible and always generous with advice and recommendations. And he literally went beyond the end of the process by finding me a real estate broker to help me get an apartment in New York… Ted is a good recruiter and a good person, and I see myself working with him again when the time will come.


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Ted O’Brien
Founder / Head of Data Science Search
Starbridge Partners, LLC, | [email protected]
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Twitter  / LinkedInCharlie Lenz
Partner / Data Science Search
Starbridge Partners, LLC, | [email protected]
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