Speakers Wanted | “Calling All ​Predictive Workforce Data Scientists” – Predictive Analytics World – Workforce 2015

Greta Roberts (CEO of Talent Analytics, Corp.) is Program Chair for Predictive Analytics World / for Workforce. She is designing the Agenda and Speakers for the April 2016 Conference and is extending a special invitation to ​Data Science Report subscribers to speak at this prestigious event. Read More

Guest Blog | “Dear HR: Stop Hiring Data Scientists Until You’re Ready for Data Science”- Greta Roberts, CEO of Talent Analytics

I have seen it first hand many times as a recruiting specialist in the Data Science field. Companies leap into hiring a Data Science Team before they are 100% clear on the mission and it’s costly. Guest Blogger, Greta Roberts, CEO and Co-Founder of Talent Analytics Corp offer interesting advice on how to avoid this pitfall in the article “Dear HR: Stop Hiring Data Scientists Until You’re Ready for Data Science.” Read More

EVENT | 5 Reasons “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce” is Different – And Better! (3/31-4/1/15 ->SF)

If you follow the workforce analytics space, you may have read yet another article about Moneyball and the innovative people analytics companies leading the way around using data to optimize workforce.

The companies covered in that and other articles can (and should) showcase their work at an exciting new event called “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce”, taking place in San Francisco on March 31-April 1, 2015. Read More

Webinar | 11 Reasons to Attend “Predictive Talent Analytics” on Tues 11/26

On Tuesday 11/26 from 12-1pm Eastern, Talent Analytics Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts will answer these questions and provide technical details for working with the unique and high value “raw talent” dataset.

This is an ideal opportunity to cut through the hype and get a pragmatic, technical perspective from a true industry-leader on using predictive talent analytics to optimize talent. Read More

Big Picture | Q&A with “Analytics 2013” Speaker & Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts

Talent Analytics CEO Greta Roberts (@GretaRoberts) will be presenting at SAS’s Analytics 2013 Conference next month in Orlando, Florida on the results of the landmark 2012 Analytics Professionals Study.

Maggie Alexander recently had the opportunity to get Greta’s thoughts on a myriad of topics including what to expect at Analytics 2013, core skills for analytics jobs, and what the future holds for analytics. Read More…

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