Podcast | Understanding Predictive Analytics (O’Reilly)

In this episode of the O’Reilly Data Show, O’Reilly’s online managing editor Jenn Webb speaks with Natalino Busa on the topic of predictive analytics, the challenges of feature engineering, and a new class of techniques that is enabling features to emerge from patterns within the data.

They also discuss the relationship between predictive techniques and high-quality microservices, and how machine learning is being used to improve financial services. Listen to Podcast

Data Visualization | Feeling Sick? See How These Apps Track Data on Local Illnesses

Feeling Sick today? Heard something was “going around”?

We’ll these 2 companies are making it easy for all of us to instantly see on a local map what’s “going around” use from an illness perspective (viruses, allergies, etc.). This can help us avoid or diagnose the illness quicker and get on with our daily lives. Read More

Webinar | 11 Reasons to Attend “Predictive Talent Analytics” on Tues 11/26

On Tuesday 11/26 from 12-1pm Eastern, Talent Analytics Chief Scientist Pasha Roberts will answer these questions and provide technical details for working with the unique and high value “raw talent” dataset.

This is an ideal opportunity to cut through the hype and get a pragmatic, technical perspective from a true industry-leader on using predictive talent analytics to optimize talent. Read More

PODCAST: HP Vertica’s General Manager on the next generation of anywhere analytics platforms

  By Dana Gardner for BriefingsDirect | Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor:HP. This next edition of the HP Discover Performance Discussion Series welcomes Colin Mahony, General Manager at HP Vertica, on this first day of the inaugural HP Vertica Big Data Conference in Boston. It’s been well over two years since HP acquired Vertica, and the analytics platform has become a pillar […]

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