PODCAST: HP Vertica’s General Manager on the next generation of anywhere analytics platforms

  By Dana Gardner for BriefingsDirect | Listen to the podcast. Find it on iTunes. Read a full transcript or download a copy. Sponsor:HP. This next edition of the HP Discover Performance Discussion Series welcomes Colin Mahony, General Manager at HP Vertica, on this first day of the inaugural HP Vertica Big Data Conference in Boston. It’s been well over two years since HP acquired Vertica, and the analytics platform has become a pillar […]


Preface to this Post: Martin Butler of ButlerAnalytics.com wrote the original article July 17, 2013, which then received comments and further research recommendations which I will include here. In Martin’s comments on AnalyticsBridge.com he added some follow up notes on the piece. “There is nothing sacred about this list – content or size. But – some things to […]

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