Guide | How To Obtain a FREE “Open Source” Masters in Data Science

A FREE Masters in Data Science. More and more people are learning on-line via the flood of excellent “open source” resources of classes, ebooks, software, etc. Clare Corthell has created a website to allow anybody to take virtually the same curriculum offered for a Masters in Data Science for Free.

Will it be an official Masters? No, but an official Masters is not always what is needed. Often its the knowledge and experience working with the tools and techniques necessary to actually do Data Science. For some, this free curriculum will allow business-line leaders, Analysts and Programmers from other fields to fill in the education gaps and get better at their job, as well as, one step closer to being an actual Data Scientist. Read More

Edu-Video | Dr. Jerry Smith explores how data science is impacted by the “Deep Web”

In this “Data Skeptics Meetup” Video, Dr Jerry Smith, Chief Data Scientist at Capgemini Advanced Digital Intelligence and Data Science & Analytics, explores how data science is impacted by one of the most complex data sets of all times, the deep web.

In this talk you will learn about what the Deep Web is, Open Source Intelligence, and how the “bad guys” are using it orchestrate violence. Read More

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