Big Data Projects: How to Choose NoSQL Databases

Mr Casselberry writes, “When you hear people referring to big data, they’re actually referring to is the use of NoSQL database implementations to store and process large amounts of information.

Don’t be discouraged! In the following sections we’ll get into what those NoSQL databases are and how to identify which is best, if any, for your project[s]” Read More

big data financial analysts

Big Data Giving Financial Analysts An upper hand

Wall Street Traders have long used algorithm to beat the market, but “big data” sets for testing strategies was often hard to come by. Now with emerging technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL and Storm, traders and investment gurus (Financial Analysts) can dip into non-traditional data sets that previously weren’t accessible. Read More…

Live Roundtable Today Weds 8/21 at 2pm: NoSQL, Hadoop and MapReduce: Building a Modern Data Infrastructure

On Wednesday Aug.21st at 2pm EST Join: Jeffrey Kelly, Wikibon; Joey Jablonski, Kitenga; Christopher Biow, 10gen; Ron Bodkin, Think Big Analytics; John Akred, SVDS for a 60 minute LIVE ROUNDTABLE.

Discussion: In a whirlwind of big data tools like MapReduce, NoSQL, Hadoop, and their cousins and brothers, it’s difficult to understand the stack you need to make your data as useful as possible. How do you decide which tools to use, and once you do decide, how do you make the jump? Read More

Hadoop: What It Is And Why It’s Such A Big Deal

    Source – Posted by Vincent Granville.  Guest blog post by Francesca Krihely. Here’s a prediction and a challenge, rolled into one. Whatever the level of your present understanding of Hadoop, in short, you’re going to hear a lot more about Hadoop in future. And the challenge? Well, it’s this: whatever the level of your present understanding of […]

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