REPORT: Big Data and In-Database Analytics in the New Platform Technologies

Decision Management Technology published an updated version of their annual comprehensive report on the software technologies and products available to build Decision Management Systems – the “Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report”.

Version 4, provides new content on the impact of Big Data on Decision Management Systems and on the role of In-Database Analytics. NOTE page 86 with extensive list of Product Reviews. Read More…

Video: MIT | Free Course | Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

If you are open to learning “Will Hunting” style, then view this FREE course at MIT: Introduction to Computer Science & Programming. Might give you an idea if it’s some thing you want to pay to take elsewhere in your career preparation.

Lecture #1 has had over 1.5 Million Views. Note, that you should listen with speakers so the sound is good. Read More…

Data Scientist Intro Education, 6,800 At A Time

The free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) drew a wide variety of students. A politician took it so he could better understand policy, and a nurse took it so she could go toe to toe with hospital administrators and researchers. A math Ph.D. from Spain signed up because he was teach a lot of statistics courses to earth and environmental science students, and he wanted to make his own course more interesting. Read More…

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