Videos | Keynote Address by DJ Patil at IT DOT Health III Conference 2015 + More

Some of the top Data Scientist in the world have shifted their collective brainpower to attach one of the most important problems facing human beings today Heath Care. Watch Videos from the IT Dot Health Conference 2015 to learn about how the problem is being addressed via IT and Data Science.

The Keynote is by DJ Patil, the Chief Data Scientist of the United States. Read More

Free eBook & Video Interview | “Data Driven” with Industry Leaders Hilary Mason, DJ Patil, and Josh Wills

Get FREE eBook “Data Driven: Creating a Data Culture” by Industry thought leaders DJ Patil, Resident Data Scientist at the White House, and Hilary Mason, Founder of Fast Forward Labs.

Also WATCH video interview as they discuss how to building a data strategy and creating a data culture with Cloudera’s Director of Data Science, Josh Wills. Read More

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