By Richard Jones – Aug 12 2013, 16:40 PM There’s a growing belief in virtually every field that mining more data and doing more to process and analyze it can help organizations improve. For-profit companies can do more to put cash in their coffers, while nonprofits can expand their outreach and help people around the world. […]

3 Places to Source Data Insights Beyond Google Analytics

Author: Adria Saracino, August 13, 2013 for Search Engine Watch. With big data seemingly on everyone’s minds, the question is no longer, “Should we use big data analytics to guide our marketing strategies?” but rather, “How can we bestuse big data to guide our marketing strategies?” For many, the answer to that second question is clear: Google Analytics, end of story. […]

Top Co’s Debate: How to navigate the data analytics path

NADIA CAMERON (CMO) 13 AUGUST, 2013 14:36 ADMA Global Forum panel including representatives from Qantas, Brambles, Energy Australia and Deloitte debate how to successfully adopt data analytics as a marketing and organisational competitive advantage. Data analytics is critical for organisations but your efforts will fail if you don’t first understand what customer gap or commercial pain […]

Data Analytics Helping Bring Clarity To Financial Impact of Healthcare Reform

Improving Financial Outcomes With Data Analytics Rene Letourneau, for HealthLeaders Media , August 13, 2013 This article appears in the July/August issue of HealthLeaders magazine. As healthcare becomes increasingly data-driven, provider organizations find themselves inundated with more information than ever before. Figuring out what to do with all the data may not be easy, but for healthcare finance […]

Follow The Money! | The Big Data Startups Investment Infographic

Mark van Rijmenam, Fouder/Author of BigData-Startups, writes, “The Big Data ecosystem is growing rapidly and there is a lot happening. Big Data means Big Bucks. Massive investments in big data startups, large big data IPO’s, many acquisitions and new big data venture capital funds popping-up constantly.

This INFOgraphic helps show you where the money is going in Big Data. Take a Look!

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