Data Visualization | Feeling Sick? See How These Apps Track Data on Local Illnesses

Feeling Sick today? Heard something was “going around”?

We’ll these 2 companies are making it easy for all of us to instantly see on a local map what’s “going around” use from an illness perspective (viruses, allergies, etc.). This can help us avoid or diagnose the illness quicker and get on with our daily lives. Read More

Edu-Video |Data Visualization Best Practices (20 Mins)

Watch Webcast (on-demand) | In an increasingly data-oriented business world, the correct use of data visualization techniques is becoming essential to business success, according to consultant William McKnight.

“Your data has a story to tell,” McKnight stated in which he provided tips on creating effective data visualizations that inform business users without confusing them. Watch Video

Twitter Data Science Community Visualized

Mapping Twitter’s Data Science Community (Very cool!)

Gilad Lotan, former Data Scientist with SocialFlow, created a interesting data visualization analyzing the social network on twitter only taking users who have one of the following phrases in their Twitter bios: Data Science, Data Scientist, Machine Learning, Data Strateg*.

The result was an interactive tool built at So zoom in and see if you find yourself! The larger the bubble the more “influence”. The Colors represent regions (West Coast is Blue, East Coast is Purple, etc) Read More…

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