How AirBnB Scaled from 5 to 70+ Data Scientists in 2 Years (via Kaggle)

In 2013, Airbnb had a small, centralized team of five data scientists serving the data needs of the company. Since then, they have grown to become one of the largest, most innovative startup teams with over 70 data scientists now serving separate business units. In addition to setting a consistently high bar on new hires and focusing on technical mentorship from peers, the structure of the organization has been key to successful growth. Read More

Banks End Resistance – Hunt on for Data Scientists

Recruitment for data scientists remains in “its infancy” within the banking sector, according to Robert Grant, sales director, at banking technology recruiters Cititec. “Some banks are reacting more quickly than others, but some still don’t appear to have a strategy to manage Big Data in place, whilst others have a clearly defined plan of action which they are engaging with,” he said.

“Banks typically do not react as quickly as other industries. They are like oil tankers, but then all of a sudden there will be a burst and demand will kick in. We saw this with Scala, for example.”

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