Guest Data Scientist Post | “Data Science and the Art of Philognosia”

Data Scientist, Zack Voulgaris, gets philosophical about the merits of Data Science in this guest post.

He writes “What I do want to talk about is the philosophical aspects of data science and its usefulness to the world, after the hype of big data inevitably wanes. Hence the term Philognosia, which I define as the love of knowledge, particularly applicable knowledge, as a human value and an attitude towards the digital world. Read More…

Lessons From A Crash Course In Data Science

“Data Scientists— I spent a month trying to figure out what, exactly, these mysterious new Masters of the Universe knew that I didn’t.” – Ciara Byrne By: Ciara Byrne  – Tech Journalist for – Article Originally Posted on (4-13)  Who wouldn’t want to be a data scientist, the latest glamor job of the Nerd World? […]

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