New Coursera Courses: “Principles of Functional Programming” in Scala and “Reactive Programming”

Martin Odersky writes, “Time wise, the two courses follow each other. Principles of Functional Programming starts September 16 and goes for 7 weeks, then Principles of Reactive Programming starts November 4 and also goes for 7 weeks. (MR5RZMKG9XBF)

So if you want learn about reactive programming but feel your Scala skills could use some improvement, there’s still time to enroll for the functional programming course.” Read More…

Coursera: Opening Ivy League Universities To The Masses

Coursera features courses from top universities such as Princeton, Stanford, U Penn, and the University of Michigan. Over 640,000 students from 190 countries have participated in their courses, viewing a total of 14 million videos and taking over 6 million quizzes.

“Unsurprisingly, students like getting the best content from the best universities for free,” Daphne Koller said. Read More…

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