October 15, 2013 by Ted O'Brien
Video | Methods For Streaming Data Analysis and Online Learning by Reknowned John Myles White

This talk was recorded at the New York Open Statistical Programming meetup at Knewton last week. In this talk, John Myles White, Princeton Ph.D, Research Scientist at Facebook, surveys some basic methods for analyzing data in a streaming manner.

He focuses on using stochastic gradient descent (SGD) to fit models to data sets that arrive in small chunks. He also describes how these methods allow ML systems to adapt to user data in real-time. Watch Video…

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October 14, 2013 by Ted O'Brien
Webinar | October 29th 12 Noon – Tableau: Visual Dashboards that Persuade, Inform, and Engage

October 29th at 9am PT/12 EST view latest Data Science Central Webinar Event: Making Flow Happen: Dashboards that Persuade, Inform, and Engage sponsored by Tableau Software.

In this webinar, you will learn three specific actions you can take with all of your dashboards to make them more informative, compelling, and effective. Read More…

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October 14, 2013 by Ted O'Brien
Free eBook | Key Considerations & Expert Advice on Building a Scalable Database Strategy

This free ebook offers expert advice to help database professionals proactively examine and update their database strategies, taking into account new technologies, trends and techniques. View More

October 13, 2013 by Ted O'Brien
New Academic Program | Georgia Tech Exploits Data Science To Accelerate Materials Design, Manufacture.

A new NSF-funded Big Data program through Georgia Tech is being announced today. Its focus is aligned with that of the Materials Genome federal initiative – in short, to create the high-performance materials of the future at a fraction of the cost and time it now takes (average is 15-20 years).

To help maintain economic competitiveness in the materials market, Georgia Tech is seeking to train a new type of data scientist with the business skills and analytics regimen to transform this field. It’s an ambitious 5-year program that involves a large interdisciplinary team led by the director of the GT Institute for Data and HPC, Dr. Richard Fujimoto. Read More…

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October 12, 2013 by Ted O'Brien
SPOTLIGHT | How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets

We’d all like to see big data techniques put to work solving difficult societal issues and the truth is that they’re very capable of doing so. Where they’ve been applied so far — on everything from helping poor mothers in Chicago to monitoring voting rights in Kenya — these new methods for working with, analyzing and processing data have proven rather effective. Read More…

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