August 8, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
EVENT | 5 Reasons “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce” is Different – And Better! (3/31-4/1/15 ->SF)

If you follow the workforce analytics space, you may have read yet another article about Moneyball and the innovative people analytics companies leading the way around using data to optimize workforce.

The companies covered in that and other articles can (and should) showcase their work at an exciting new event called “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce”, taking place in San Francisco on March 31-April 1, 2015. Read More

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August 7, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Video | Google Recruiters Share Technical Interview Tips (140,000+ Views)

Watch 2 very popular videos from Google recruiters and engineers who advise on how to prepare for a technical interview. The tips apply to tech interviews at most competent firms. Watch Videos

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August 5, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Videos | Apache Cassandra – The Popular NoSQL Database

If you want to learn all about why Apache Cassandra is such a popular NoSQL database, here are several videos and an article to review. Read More

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August 5, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Guide | “Which freaking database should I use”? |

Andrew C. Oliver of writes, “There are several types of NoSQL databases and rational reasons to use them in different situations for different datasets. It’s much more complicated than tech industry marketing nonsense like “NoSQL = scale.”

Here is a guide to database landscape as of 2014. Read More

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August 2, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Video | “Real-time personalization and recommendation with stream mining”

In this 20 minute Video, Mikio Braun, Data Scientist at Streamdrill, discusses novel systems based on stream mining algorithms which accumulate statistics on user behavior in real-time in a streaming fashion, this way always reflecting the most recent user behavior. Watch Video

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