August 12, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Video |Data Visualization Best Practices (20 Mins)

Watch Webcast (on-demand) | In an increasingly data-oriented business world, the correct use of data visualization techniques is becoming essential to business success, according to consultant William McKnight.

“Your data has a story to tell,” McKnight stated in which he provided tips on creating effective data visualizations that inform business users without confusing them. Watch Video

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August 11, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Video | “Using Big Data to Understand Your Customer’s Buying Journey” (Datameer)

Webinar (On-demand) |Join Azita Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at Datameer and Matt Schumpert, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering, as they discuss and showcase how leading edge companies are leveraging big data to:

▪Combine customer interaction data to understand customer buying journey
▪Understand high-value customer behavior beyond profile segmentation
▪Identify the most common path to customer churn
▪Perform market basket analysis to help with cross-sell and up-sell Watch Video

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August 8, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
EVENT | 5 Reasons “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce” is Different – And Better! (3/31-4/1/15 ->SF)

If you follow the workforce analytics space, you may have read yet another article about Moneyball and the innovative people analytics companies leading the way around using data to optimize workforce.

The companies covered in that and other articles can (and should) showcase their work at an exciting new event called “Predictive Analytics World – for Workforce”, taking place in San Francisco on March 31-April 1, 2015. Read More

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August 7, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Video | Google Recruiters Share Technical Interview Tips (140,000+ Views)

Watch 2 very popular videos from Google recruiters and engineers who advise on how to prepare for a technical interview. The tips apply to tech interviews at most competent firms. Watch Videos

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August 5, 2014 by Ted O'Brien
Edu-Videos | Apache Cassandra – The Popular NoSQL Database

If you want to learn all about why Apache Cassandra is such a popular NoSQL database, here are several videos and an article to review. Read More

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