Hakka Labs| Computational Biology and Data Science at the New York Times

Hakka Labs has a very compelling video of Dr Chris Wiggin’s, Chief Data Scientist at the NYTimes and Columbia University Academic. He will talk about using machine learning and large data in both academia and in business.

He shares some ways re-framing domain questions as machine learning tasks has opened up new avenues for understanding both in academic research and in real-world applications. Read More

Harvard CS50

Great Free Course: Harvard CS50 – Intro To Computer Science (Highly Rated!)

Whether you’re completely new to computer science or have a decent programming background (without formal training), this is a great FREE Course from Harvard called CS50 “Introduction to Computer Science”.

It can also be taken for certification or course credits as well (info in article). It’s easy to follow along and has received much praise from the 10’s of thousands who’ve taken it to date. In this post you will have direct access to all the video lectures and links to do more. Read More…

New Academic Program | Georgia Tech Exploits Data Science To Accelerate Materials Design, Manufacture.

A new NSF-funded Big Data program through Georgia Tech is being announced today. Its focus is aligned with that of the Materials Genome federal initiative – in short, to create the high-performance materials of the future at a fraction of the cost and time it now takes (average is 15-20 years).

To help maintain economic competitiveness in the materials market, Georgia Tech is seeking to train a new type of data scientist with the business skills and analytics regimen to transform this field. It’s an ambitious 5-year program that involves a large interdisciplinary team led by the director of the GT Institute for Data and HPC, Dr. Richard Fujimoto. Read More…

How IBM Is Schooling Tomorrow’s Data Scientists

Ad Age Interview with Rich Rodts, IBM’s manager-solution specialists and global academic programs. He talks about bridging the skills gap for data scientists.

IBM partners with academic programs across the globe, and often designs initiatives in conjunction with clients, such as GM, who also in need of analytics and data staff. Read more

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