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Want a Competitive Advantage Starting Your Career in Data Science?

“Gave career advice to new Metis’ Data Science Bootcamp graduates this Fall”

We are offer one-on-one Career Advisory Services to help Masters and PhD candidates prepare and gain employment in the Data Science / Analytics space upon graduation in the following ways:

1.) Help recent Masters or PhD candidates gain a competitive advantage in their job search by showing them how to effectively market themselves, their skills, and experience to hiring manager in the private sector.  There is a science to getting the right job!  Services include: 

  • Resume Rewriting (optimizing) 
  • LinkedIn Profile Design / Rewriting (optimizing) 
  • Effective Search Strategy & Tactics 
  • Interview Prep / Salary Negotiation  
  • Project Hosting / Promotion 

Note: Also open to working with experience professionals seeking to transition to Data Science field.

“Coming Soon” 

2.) Advise on academic programs and certification providers that relate to best positioning you for a career in Data Science & Advanced Analytics. (This service being developed / formalized)

3.) Help current Masters or PhD students gain internships among our client base and prepare for a career in the private sector. (This service being developed / formalized)

How does it work?

Contact me directly via and we will set up a call to discuss your individual situation and goals, and see what services can help you the most.  Typically, payments are 50% upfront and 50% at final delivery.  

You’ve done the very hard work of getting an advanced degree in this field; it’s only logical to work with an expert on the “last mile” to get that great job!