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Data Skeptics Jerry Smith1

“Deep Web, Open Source Intelligence, and The Bad Guy”

Data Skeptics is a monthly event covering the mathematical, ethical, and business aspects of data from a skeptical perspective, hosted by Steven Mornelli.

In this presentation given Sept 17th, Dr. Jerry Smith, Chief Data Scientist at Capgemini Advanced Digital Intelligence and Data Science & Analytics, explores how data science is impacted by one of the most complex data sets of all times, the deep web.

In doing so we use an open source intelligence driven data science framework to explore dark kinetic world of anarchy (the deep dark web), while searching for one particular influential organization responsible for orchestrating violence among passive groups.

Dr. Jerry A. Smith is a visionary entrepreneurial data scientist with 16 years of machine learning, predictive modeling, digital and business analytics, big data, and enterprise data science experience. Jerry is recognized as a leading expert in simulation and modeling, leveraging Walsh-Hadamard transforms to identify spatial patterns in real-time temporal data. Over the last five years, he has worked on practical methods for unifying data science capabilities and big data infrastructure throughout the enterprise, in order to create organic and systemic Data Monetization capabilities.

Dr. Smith has created data Science practices, which focuses on helping companies realize actionable value from data and information sources – Data Monetization. Leveraging an Enterprise Data Science (EDS) methodology based on an hypotheses-driven framework, data science teams (data scientists and functional behavioral analysts) identify key business objectives, along with critical causal-levers that impact the value chain. Enterprise, IT, and third party data is inventoried and assessed for their causality and correlative characteristics. Exploratory visualization maps are created that lead to the design and development of predictive models. The models are aggregated into complex solution spaces; which represent comprehensive, cohesive predictive ecosystem. Using simulated annealing, optimal actionable structures are identified, which are implemented across their enterprise applications.

Dr. Smith is recognized as an technologist, innovator, and communicator: Technical evangelist to investors, stakeholders, and clients. Won major industry awards. Recognized for technology trend-setting prescience by Gartner & Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Excels at translating complex modeling into clear understandings. Cited by technology-oriented periodicals, industry reports, and media.

Data Scientist Insights:

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