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Hi All,

The Data Science Report (“DSR”) is coming up on its first full year of operation and I hope we’ve brought you helpful content related to your career in Data Science, Advanced Analytics and all things “Big Data”.  With additional resources, you can expect more original content and more great job opportunities in this field in year 2!

Here are top Articles, Edu-Videos and Books from the last 12 months.  Listed in order of POPULARITY by the great people who visited this site.

MOST POPULAR ARTICLES on DSR (last 12 months)

50+ Open Source Tools for Big Data
Data Science vs. Data Analytics: A Refresher on the Differences
10 “R” Packages Every Data Scientist & Analyst Should Be Aware Of
All Things Python: An awesome programming language for data analytics and much more.
Become A Data Scientist … In 11 to 12 Weeks?
CAREER ADVICE | Common Analytics Interview Questions
Advice: Largest LinkedIn Groups to Join for Big Data, Data Science and Analytics
LAUNCHED MODE | Data Scientists & Analysts! MODE is now LIVE!
Free eBooks | O’Reilly Media: Big Data Resources in Finance & Media Via the Pros
Banks End Resistance – Hunt on for Data Scientists
How To | Bridge The Gap from Academia To a Career In Data Science
Data Visualization: Top 20 Amazing Tools
How Big Data Is Changing Fashion (Retail)
Guide | How To Obtain an “Open Source” Masters in Data Science
So Many Databases! Well, Here Is The Map Of Them All
Case Studies | “Data Science As A Service” Case Studies by Serial Metrics
Webinars | Success with “R” & Moving from SAS to “R”
Big Data Wizards on Kaggle: Who Are They, and What Do They Have in Common?
Survey Results | 2013 Big Data Hadoop Users Report
REPORT: Big Data and In-Database Analytics in the New Platform Technologies
When is a College Basketball Game Statistically Over? Bill James Knows
Big data and predictive analytics: When is enough data enough?
Real World Data Science: How eBay And Placed Put Theory Into Practice
3 Big Trends in Data Visualization
New Coursera Courses: “Principles of Functional Programming” in Scala and “Reactive Programming”
Lessons From A Crash Course In Data Science
Follow The Money! | The Big Data Startups Investment Infographic
7 Ways Big Data Is Transforming How We Farm
John Rauser, “What is a Career in Big Data?”
Interview: Dr. Saed Sayad, Chief Data Scientist at AdTheorent
Award Winning | NYC Marathon Visualzation

MOST POPULAR Edu-VIDEOs on DSR (last 12 months)

Edu-Video| Big Data / Hadoop Tutorial For Beginners -Parts 1 thru 8 (62,000+ Views)
Edu-Video |”Building a Production Machine Learning Infrastructure” – Josh Wills /Dir. Data Scientist
Edu-Videos | Most Popular For Learning R
Edu-Video | Practical Deep-Learning Lecture: Machine Perception and Its Applications (Adam Gibson)
Edu-Videos | Building Recommender Systems by Netflix Research/Eng Director Xavier Amatriain
Edu-Videos | Learn All About Apache Spark (100x Faster than Hadoop MapReduce)
Edu-Video| One-hour talk by one of the authors on Forecasting time series using R
Edu-Video | Methods For Streaming Data Analysis and Online Learning by Reknowned John Myles White
Edu-Video | MIT | Free Course | Introduction to Algorithms
Edu-Video | Functional Programming From First Principles – By Erik Meijer (65,000 Views)
Edu-Video | Machine Learning Loves Hadoop
Edu-Video | Building Data Science Teams” | David Dietrich of EMC
Edu-Video | Google Recruiters Share Technical Interview Tips (140,000+ Views)
Edu-Video | Machine Learning Meets Economics: Using Theory, Data, and Experiments to Design Markets
Edu-Video| Steve Milton’s CTO Talk: “Strategies for Devs Who Aspire to Start and Lead Companies”
Edu-Videos | All Keynotes from Strata + Hadoop World 2013 NYC This Week
Edu-Video | Great Machine Learning Course – Lectures 1 thru 18 via Caltech!
Edu-Video | High Performance Predictive Analytics in R and Hadoop
Edu-Video | “Real-time personalization and recommendation with stream mining”
Edu-Video | How Big Players use text analytics to unlock big data potential
Edu-Video | “Machine Learning: How to Make it Work in Your Organization” [Roundtable]

MOST POPULAR e/BOOKS on DSR (last 12 months).

Free Book | Predictive Analytics For Dummies (By Alteryx)
FREE eBOOK | Practical Machine Learning: Innovations in Recommendation
Free eBook | Big Data Analytics for Dummies (By Alteryx)
Free eBook | An Introduction To Data Science
New Book |”Data Scientist: The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Data Scientist”
New Book: “Data Science for Business” (The Fundamentals)
Videos / Books | Machine Learning Starter Kit (50% Off)
Book | Predictive Business Analytics: Forward Looking Capabilities to Improve Business Performance
Free eBook | Key Considerations & Expert Advice on Building a Scalable Database Strategy
 FREE eBook: “Analyzing the Analyzers” An Introspective Survey of Data Scientists and Their Work
Early Release Book | Hadoop Application Architectures “Designing Real World Big Data Applications”

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Ted O’Brien
Director Data Science & Analytics Recruitment Practice
MDS, Inc

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