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theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s premier video production program, has featured many guests since its conception, from top executives of various tech companies to happy and satisfied customers working within the cloud ecosystem.

SiliconANGLE has compiled the top clips from theCUBE, and as 2014 kicks off a new year for cloud computing trends, it’s the perfect time to revisit Crowd Favorites from the show.

Catch the replays of our entire Crowd Favorites playlist here or on all day today and tomorrow. Be sure to visit SiliconANGLE’s YouTube channel for complete archives of the countless events broadcast live over the years.

Here are some highlights that can be found in this week’s Crowd Favorites playlist:

theCUBE Crowd Favorites : Highlights

Dave Donatelli – HP Moonshot 2013 – theCUBE

“This is the day the industry changed. This is the day where servers took a step forward.”

A bold statement coming from Dave Donatelli, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking for the Enterprise Business at HP when the company introduced Moonshot 1500 back in April.

His unabashed interview on theCUBE discussing how its servers are set to gobble up the competition earned him a top spot on the coveted Favorites list. Donatelli describes the effort as a huge leap forward in the server game as Moonshot 1500 occupies 80 percent less space, but delivers 89 percent more power, and is 77 percent less expensive compared to what others are offering.

Fred Luddy – ServiceNow Knowledge13 – theCUBE

Fred Luddy is the founder of IT service management (ITSM) giant ServiceNow. His inviting smile and welcoming disposition may have helped boost his segment to the second spot on the Favorites list, but that’s just a part of the equation.

In his interview, Luddy stated that he believes mobile will become the main IT delivery model in the foreseeable future, which means developers need to step up their games and rethink their application designs.

Tarkan Maner – VMworld 2012 – theCUBE

There’s nothing like watching someone talk about something with so much energy. It draws you in, engages you during every second. That’s what Tarkan Maner, the CEO of Dell Wyse, brought when he dropped by theCUBE last year. Dell Wyse is a leading manufacturer of Cloud Client Computing and has been redefining the virtual desktop business.

These are just some of the guests featured on theCUBE’s Crowd Favorites. Check out the full playlist details here.

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