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Original Source : SandHill Group
Date Released: October 29, 2013
Authors Bios:  
Bradley Graham is the executive director of Carpe Datum Rx, a thought leadership forum for the business application of advanced analytics. He is also the vice president of marketing for Amberoon Inc., a provider of data-driven business perspective solutions. He can be reached at or @CarpeDatumRx.

M. R. Rangaswami – M.R. Rangaswami thrives on creating influential communities that achieve global impact. Using his skills as a critic, cheerleader and facilitator, M.R. has united leaders and advanced strategic initiatives in the fields of software, corporate sustainability and entrepreneurship. He is the publisher of, the premier online destination for strategic information on the Big Data, cloud and mobile software ecosystem. Contact M.R. at

Report Summary: 

1. Expanding implementation of advanced analytics (e.g., risk, propensity, optimization)

–Nearly one in four (24.4%) respondents stated that advanced analytics will be their #1 Hadoop-based initiative in the next 12-18 months. This almost threefold increase over the 8.9% currently developing advanced analytics is emblematic of the larger shift towards initiatives that can have a transformational impact on the organization.

2. Increasing use of new data types

–Over the coming 12-18 months, 20% more companies plan to incorporate new data types (such as streaming data and geographic data) into their Hadoop environment in support of new advanced analytics.

3. Moderating emphasis on basic analytics

–In the same timeframe, 32% of the respondents expressed a move away from basic analytics — such as statistics, patterns and search — as they ramp up their use of advanced analytics to enrich their business perspective and improve results.


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