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Modeling Analytics Dream Teams: Featuring Elder Research

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT

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It takes a strong team of analytics talent to propel an organization to the status of “analytics competitor”.  Since so few examples exist, it can be difficult to envision the end goal, and the steps to get there.  

Elder Research, Inc. is an outstanding example of an analytics competitor that has built an Analytics Dream Team.  

They are globally acknowledged as an analytics leader solving world-class challenges with their customers.  They’ve built a strong bench of more than 40 analytics professionals.  

During This Webinar
Elder Research has agreed to share experiences and insight into how they’ve successfully built their world class Analytics Dream Team.  We’ve assembled a panel of 3 ERI analytics experts who will address questions such as:

• Management Questions
o Approaches for structuring analytics teams
o Attracting and retaining top data scientists
o Building an analytics-driven culture & more

Data Scientist Questions
o What catches their eye in job descriptions
o What excites them about their work
o What keeps them engaged & more

About the Panelists:

John Elder, Founder and CEO
John will share advice around successfully building a strong and sustainable bench of 40 top data scientists that continue to exceed client expectations, all in context of a collaborative analytics-driven culture.

Dean Abbott – Founder Abbott Analytics and Elder Research Consultant
Dean will discuss his extensive experience as an analytics professional, building successful analytics teams, working with clients to build their analytics teams, being part of an extended analytics team inside an organization as well as with Elder Research during its early years.

Sarah Will, Analytics Dream Team “Analyst”

Moderated by Greta Roberts, CEO, Talent Analytics, Corp.

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