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By James Taylor CEO, of Decision Management Technology


Since 2012 we have published a comprehensive report on the software technologies and products available to build Decision Management Systems – the Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report. Tested and established in many industries, these technologies include Business Rules Management Systems, data mining or Predictive Analytic Workbenches and Optimization suites as well as new in-database analytic infrastructure and more. This report describes these product categories and identifies the key capabilities of these technologies. Best practices in their use and key use cases are identified and discussed. A complete list of vendors in the market is provided and an appendix provides more detail on Decision Management Systems.

With this new release, Version 4, we have provided new content on the impact of Big Data on Decision Management Systems and on the role of In-Database Analytics. We have also published a thought leadership piece, sponsored by SAS, on In Database Analytics available here.

As always, each new version of the report is available at for both online viewing and download as a PDF. This report can be freely circulated, printed and reproduced in its entirety provided no edits are made to it.

Also new in this release are new vendors Alteryx and Yseop as well as updated profiles about BigML, FICO Model Builder, Return on Intelligence, SAP Predictive Analytics and Sparkling Logic.

Decision Management Technology

Table of Contents
Version 4, Update 1, September 3, 2013

New: Sections on In-Database Analytics and Big Data

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