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Thousands of enterprise customers use Splunk to help solve challenging big data problems across their infrastructure and beyond. Read this analyst report and discover how, a leading website for vehicle shopping, used Splunk to find new revenue and cost containment opportunities within its machine-generated data. is an award-winning online destination for car shoppers visited by approximately 12 million unique visitors each month. In addition to millions of listings, the website also offers a variety of comparison resources, pricing tools, expert automotive content and dealership reviews.

To support its high volume of site traffic, must maintain optimal website performance and loading speed — especially given the expectations of today’s online consumers.

Uptime and site performance is a priority for the application management team, which maintains a highly distributed, technical environment. As part of their duties, members of the team are responsible for application data collection, monitoring and analysis. According to the application management team, up to eight man-hours per week were spent on manual data acquisition, diverting staff from their core focus.

Splunk Enterprise was implemented to automate and standardize the collection, monitoring and analysis of application log files and make this machine-generated big data available across the organization. As a result, real-time Splunk dashboards have provided increased visibility into site traffic and usage patterns at supporting both technical and business-driven analysis and decision making.


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