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From Pete Cashmore, to Joan Rivers to Randi Zuckerberg, Internet Week New York was a townhall of who’s who in the tech, marketing and startup world. Packed with enlightening and thoughtful discussions featuring big wigs from the fashion, food and marketing industries, we present you with the trends that you need to know and the tips you need to take your marketing to the next level in this multi-part blog series on IWNY 2013. By: Mei Lam


Big Data: Why it should matter to you

Big Data has been a buzzword tossed about alot this year – but how do you go about gathering such data, and more importantly, how do you use data to benefit your business? As a marketer, strategy and campaign planning is a careful balance of creativity and actual statistics. You can’t market effectively and accurately without knowing your customer, their needs, preferences and how they consume their media.

Take for example, fascinating statistics from L2 Think Tank that indicate the following:

  • Instagram has the highest engagement rates followed by Facebook, then Pinterest
  • Research shows that Foursquare, Tumblr and Twitter are losing their relevance to brands in terms of engagement
  • Pinterest is still the “It Girl” of social media, but usage data may not be supporting the hype around it
  • YouTube and video platforms such as Vine are increasing steadily and brands are flocking towards videos for increasing brand engagement and rich traffic
  • Pinterest may be the first transactional platform – the average order per user is $140-180 which is much higher than Facebook ($80) or Twitter ($60)

For more insights, check out the livestream feed of Professor Scott Galloway’s keynote at IWNY 2013 below:

With the advent of Google Analytics and the boom of metrics platforms, marketers now have the option of tracking consumers’ daily digital footprints; their social preferences and internet usage patterns. Having a grasp of such data enables marketers to:

  • better align branding strategy and goals with actual marketing executions
  • manipulate data as a test bed with which to try new marketing ideas and plans
  • remove some of the uncertainty with targeting and assists in the identification of key market segments
  • streamline and remove the complexity of media planning
  • identify key brand advocates and influencers that can help spread the word about their brand.

View several awesome videos from the Event:

Keynote // Joan Rivers In Conversation with Shira Lazar (What’s Trending)

Internetweek 213





Moderator: Shira Lazar (Co-founder, What’s Trending) Joan Rivers talks about the Internet’s impact on comedy, the role Twitter is playing in her career and her entry into producing short-form Web video.(watch)

Make The Stage Winner // How Etsy and Warby Parker Are using Marketing Analytics To Drive E-Commerce Growth

Today, it’s easier than ever before for retailers to capture and analyze vast amounts of customer and sales data and these digitally savvy companies are becoming experts in interpreting this information and using it to run marketing experiments, improve customer acquisition and loyalty… and all importantly, drive sales. In this panel, some of NYC’s top e-commerce marketing and data analytics experts will gather to discuss the key role customer analytics is playing in driving growth among…(watch)

Vice Sessions // Creators, Innovators, and Radicals

VICE, in partnership with Pharrell Williams’ i am Other, presents an interactive conversation with the minds behind the most buzz-worthy web series in the social-verse. Join the thought leaders who are developing the content that is defining the new mainstream of video storytelling. Learn about what goes into building web content that speaks to youth culture and crosses over to television and cable content for the innovators in the field. How does one establish an imprint? How is success…(watch)

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