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Facebook Recruiting III – Keyword Extraction

Identify keywords and tags from millions of text questions

Looking for a data science position at Facebook?  After two successful prior Kaggle competitions, Facebook continues their mission to identify the best data scientists and software engineers that Kaggle has to offer. In this third installment, they seek candidates who have experience text mining large amounts of data.


This competition tests your text skills on a large dataset from the Stack Exchange sites.  The task is to predict the tags (a.k.a. keywords, topics, summaries), given only the question text and its title. The dataset contains content from disparate stack exchange sites, containing a mix of both technical and non-technical questions.

Positions are available in Menlo Park, Seattle, New York City, and London; candidates must have, or be eligible to obtain, authorization to work in the US or UK.

Please note: you must compete as an individual in recruiting competitions. You may only use the data provided to make your predictions. Crawling stack exchange sites to look up answers is not permitted. Facebook will review the code of the top participants before deciding whether to offer an interview. 

This competition counts towards rankings & achievements.  If you wish to be considered for an interview at Facebook, check the box “Allow host to contact me” when you make your first entry.


We thank Stack Exchange (and its users) for generously releasing the source dataset through its Creative Commons Data Dumps. All data is licensed under the cc-by-sa license.

Started: 4:00 pm, Friday 30 August 2013 UTC 
Ends: 11:59 pm, Friday 20 December 2013 UTC (112 total days)

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